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The Swiss Stem Cell Foundation (SSCF) is an independent, non-profit foundation whose aim is to continue research and development in the field of stem cells, to create new cell therapies for human medical use and technologies in the preclinical phase, to train, advise and share knowledge in this field among professionals disseminate to operators and the general public.


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Swiss Stem Cells Biotech (SSCB) is the only laboratory in Switzerland with this quality standard. Processing of biological material in clean rooms under GMP conditions and storage in its FACT-Netcord accredited biobank.

The laboratory is one of only 5 biobanks worldwide that is FACT-Netcord accredited.


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Swiss Stem Cell Science markets all Swiss services and takes care of the patients. SSCS is also responsible for communicating the potential of stem cells and regenerative medicine and for participating in research projects at home and abroad.

Communication and closeness to partners and patients through personal consultations, events, publications and more. Always up to date and ready to help.

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Phone: + 41 (0)91 960 22 20