Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy informs the user (hereinafter the “User”) of the website (hereinafter the “Website”) of the nature of the treatment of their personal data (hereinafter “Personal Data”) by Swiss Stem Cell Biotech AG (hereinafter “SSCB”).


SSCB is aware of the importance of protecting the User’s Personal Data and is committed to informing the User about how this data is treated. As such, SSCB has created the present Privacy Policy which defines the conditions in which SSCB collects and treats the User’s Personal Data. SSCB invites the User to thoroughly consult the Privacy Policy upon visiting any page of the Website for the first time. By accessing the Website, by transmitting your Personal Data, by signing up for services, or by ordering products, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and fully accept this Privacy Policy (hereinafter the “Privacy Policy”)



The company Swiss Stem Cell BIOTECH AG, a public limited company incorporated under Swiss law, located at 8002 ZÜRICH (Switzerland) and registered at the Chamber of Commerce for the canton of ZÜRICH, is the responsible party for the treatment of Personal Data, collected through or in relation to the Website, or upon services within Swiss Stem Cell BIOTECH AG.

SSCB may be contacted by e-mail at the address:


In order to personalize its relationship with the User and offer services suitable for their profile, SSCB collects and treats the User’s Personal Data.

(1) In what situations is Personal Data collected?

SSCS collects the User’s Personal Data in the following situations:

(i) request for information by phone, e-mail, or instant messaging online;

(ii) request to be called back by phone;

(iii) subscription to the SSCB Newsletter;

(v) scheduling of an appointment;

(vii) sharing of Website content via social media websites;

(viii) and more generally, for all forms filled in on the Website and all requests on your behalf.

(2) What type of Personal Data is collected?

SSCB can collect and treat the following types of Personal Data from the User:

(i) first and last name, gender, date of birth, address, e-mail, and phone number (mobile phone and landline);

(ii) place of work (company) and job title;

(iii) language(s) of communication;

(iv) the manner in which the User heard about SSCB products and services;

(v) as well as any additional information that the User wished to provide, such as via the “Further information” field in the available forms on the Website.

(3) Is third-party Personal Data collected?

The Website allows the User to share content with third parties via e-mail, buy SSCB products as gifts for others, or refer a third party. By using these services, the User provides information which may be considered Personal Data.

Upon the User providing this third-party information, SSCB will only use this Personal Data to accommodate their request. SSCB will not integrate this Personal Data into the Personal Data file, and will not collect nor treat this Personal Data for any other reason other than those necessary in order to accommodate the request. This Personal Data will only be kept until the request is fulfilled.


SSCB will use the User’s collected Personal Data according to the means defined above in Provision 2, so as to provide solicited services, personalize communications, offer additional services of interest, or for purposes of internal analysis. SSCB emphasizes that in no case will Personal Data be sent or communicated to other recipients other than those listed in Provision 4 below.

The User’s Personal Data will therefore be used for the following reasons:

(1) Use of the User’s Personal Data

The User’s Personal Data may be used to communicate with them, notably via marketing or promotional e-mails, to send out information on the services proposed by SSCB or its partners offering related services or the SSCB Newsletter, advertise SSCB services or products, or for any other activity which may interest the User (such as polls, contests, or promotions and recommendations). A subsidiary, parent company, or any other company connected to the Swiss Stem Cells Solutions group is also warranted to promote products, services, and activities. This communication may, for example, be adapted to the User’s profile, past purchase orders, or consulted pages.

(2) Internal analysis use of the User’s Personal Data

The User’s Personal Data may be gathered with that of other Users so as to study the trends of the public affiliated with SSCB. This Personal Data, emerging from a statistical analysis, informs SSCB about customers’ tastes and behavior on the Website, which allows SSCB to appropriately adjust its supply, develop new and improve existing products and services, identify patterns of use, determine promotional campaign effectiveness, measure and compare Website traffic and SSCB visits to its offices or Partners facilities, and identify the languages spoken by clients of SSCB.

(3) Use of User’s Personal Data in order to implement features of the Website.

The User’s Personal Data may be used in order to respond to prior questions or requests (for example by e-mail, instant messaging online, or on request to be called back by phone), manage the online account, schedule an appointment and for purchase orders of products or services (for example for online payment and product delivery).


SSCB is aware of the importance of protecting the confidentiality of the User’s Personal Data. It therefore only shares this data with trustworthy third parties and only for the reasons made explicit in Provision 3 above.

The User’s Personal Data may be shared with the following third parties:

(i) subsidiaries, parent companies, or any company connected to the Swiss Stem Cells Solutions Group, any audit group affiliated to treat all Personal Data in accordance with the purposes mentioned in Provision 3 above, as well as the following companies – although this list is not exhaustive –:

  • The company SSCS Swiss Stem Cells SCIENCE SA, a public limited company incorporated under Swiss law, located at 1700 FRIBOURG (Switzerland) and registered under Enterprise Identification Number [CHE-213.979.246];
  • The company NESCENS SA, a public limited company incorporated under Swiss law, located at 1272 Genolier (Switzerland) and registered at the Chamber of Commerce for the canton of Vaud under Enterprise Identification Number CHE 411.645.278;

(ii) service providers, subcontractors for the companies of the Swiss Stem Cells Solutions group, or any carefully selected third party providing services on behalf of these companies (data analysis, provision of services for the User, responding to User questions, delivery of purchase orders, management of payment, creation and transmission of advertisements, delivery of commercial samples, creation and transmission of newsletters, and more generally all the purposes mentioned in Provision 3 above), provided that these service providers or subcontractors treat the data only within its concerned service objective and in accordance with the purposes mentioned in Provision 3 above.

These service providers, subcontractors, and third parties may be subject to obligations of confidentiality and security requirements for their treatment of Personal Data.

(iii) any legal entity, including companies affiliated with SSCB, such as those defined in point (i) of the present provision, for cases of sale, merger, consolidation, holding company or management changes, transfer of significant assets, financing, restructuring or liquidation plan, sale or conveyance of information regarding the relationship between the User and the Company, including and without limitation to the Personal Data that you have conveyed to the Company;

(iv) judicial, governmental, or regulatory authorities, or other third parties in order to comply with applicable laws, or when SSCB judges that this action is necessary in order to comply with applicable laws, or to detect, protect or defend itself in case of error, negligence, contractual failure, theft, fraud, or any other detrimental or illicit activity, so as to comply with audit and security requirements.


(1) What data protection rights does the User possess?

The User has the right to information, the right of access, the right to rectification, the right to erasure, the right to restrict processing, the right to object to processing, the right to data portability, the right to notification of processing, the right not to be the subject of automated individual decision-making and the right to disclosure of any violation of the personal data that are collected and processed under the conditions of the Privacy Policy.

(2) How can the User exercise their data protection rights?

The User may exercise their rights by written request to the address: Swiss Stem Cell Biotech AG, Dreikönigstrasse 31A, 8002 Zürich, Switzerland, or by e-mail to the address The User is asked to precisely indicate the subject of the request and the Personal Data concerned. In order to best protect Personal Data confidentiality and security, SSCB will take reasonable measures to confirm the identity of the person making such a request by, for example, requiring a photocopy of their identity document. This request will be processed shortly with due diligence.

(3) Is the collection of Personal Data mandatory or optional?

Personal Data is necessary for the use and functioning of numerous services that SSCB or the other companies of the group offers.  For example, providing Personal Data is necessary to fulfill a call back request, schedule an appointment, create an account, purchase products or services, or subscribe to a Newsletter or promotional mail. The User is entirely at liberty to refuse provision of their Personal Data. In such cases, the User can continue to browse the Website but may be restricted from certain functions.


(1) Retention period of Personal Data

The User’s Personal Data is retained in SSCB’ files for the period needed to accomplish the purposes for which the data collection occurred, as indicated in Provision 3 above. Personal Data will therefore be retained starting from the moment it is provided until the request and customer follow-up are fulfilled (delivery of your product or service purchase order, appointment and follow-up, call back and follow-up, existence of account, etc.). If the User has signed up to receive a Newsletter or promotional mail, SSCB will retain the User’s Personal Data until unsubscription is indicated.

(2) Retention security of Personal Data

SSCB ensures to protect and secure Users’ Personal Data, by taking all measures necessary to prevent this data from becoming inaccurate, damaged, or accessed by non-authorized third parties. In order to ensure your Personal Data security, SSCB has taken technical and organizational data security measures:

(i) Amongst the data security measures in place, SSCB’ technical providers have integrated technology specially designed to protect the information transferred towards the Website.

(ii) In regards to organizational data security measures, access to the User’s Personal Data is specifically limited to trustworthy service providers responsible for data treatment and service agents requiring such information to carry out their work. These service providers and agents are subject to strict confidentiality on the information they may acquire in the course of their work.

Internally, the following measures are part of the safety measures adopted by the Company:

  • Access to each service agent computer terminal is restricted with a specific and unique password;
  • Service agents’ computer terminals are protected by anti-virus and anti-spyware software.

In addition, all Personal Data is hosted by the company Amazon AWS, Frankfurt, Germany, with a Backup in Paris, France, which ensures data protection security thanks to its leading-edge technology.  Nevertheless, regardless of these precautions, it cannot be fully guaranteed that the servers holding the User’s Personal Data will be excluded from hacker attacks. SSCB commits to informing the User as soon as possible in the case of a data protection security breach and will put all its best efforts into taking all possible measures to countercheck the intrusion and minimize the impact. SSCB reminds the User that they are bound to keep their account username and password confidential. As such, SSCB is not liable for any cases of loss or damage resulting from failure to uphold this obligation.


Cookies are small electronic files that are placed on your device during browsing of the Website and are used to provide optimal browsing on this Website.

(1) What data is collected via cookies?

Cookies collect varied anonymous information described hereinafter in Provision 7.3 below, for example, the date/hour of access, consulted pages and in which language, location data, and website audience. Cookies provide device and IP recognition, without identifying the person who uses the device. This information does not constitute as Personal Data unless the information collected from cookies is combined with that collected regarding the User as referred to in the Privacy Policy.

(2) How can I be informed of the presence of cookies?

The User is informed of cookie storage and these purposes by an informational banner upon the first visit of any page of the Website. The informational banner clearly indicates:

(i) purposes for cookies,

(ii) the possibility to oppose these cookies by clicking on a link within the informational banner;

(iii) that more information about cookies and their parameters is available on the “Learn more” page;

(iv) and that continuing to browse the Website indicates consent to cookie storage on your device. The User is considered to have accepted cookie storage on their device in the following cases:

  1. when the “I accept” text within the informational banner is clicked;
  2. when browsing of the Website is continued. Browsing of the Website is considered continued when:
  3. x) a following page within the Website is consulted, without regard for the fact that the informational banner has been ignored or the “X” found at the top right of the banner has been clicked.
  4. y) an element within the Website (image, link, “search” button, etc.) is clicked on.

(3) What kind of cookies are used by the Website?

The cookies that may be used on the Website have been classified into the following categories.

Category 1: Session cookies, necessary in order to use the Website

These cookies are essential in order to browse and use certain functions within the Website, such as the purchase basket or the account.

Category 2: Tracking cookies, to record preferences

In order to provide optimal browsing, SSCS has installed cookies which track the User’s preferences and choices, such as your preferred browsing language, or the memorization of your account username and password.

Category 3: Tracking cookies, to analyze connections on the Website

These cookies gather statistical data about the Website and connection to the Website, such as:

(i) audience tracking on the Website pages,

(ii) displayed language,

(iii) browsing habits on the Website (such as clicks, horizontal and vertical scrolling, etc.),

(iv) use of sharing buttons (e-mail and social media),

(v) the number and length of Website visits by the User,

(vi) the location where connection to the Website is made,

(vii) features of the User’s device,

(viii) means of connection employed by the User (web browser used, operating system, computer or mobile phone).

This statistical data is required so that SSCB can improve the Website content and provide the User with optimal browsing. This gathered statistical data is also relayed to Google and analyzed by Google Analytics. The User can disable this Google Analytics monitoring by downloading the opt-out browser add-on at the address

Category 4: Third-party cookies

The Website proposes media content (YouTube and Vimeo videos) and can be used to share content through social media. Viewing and sharing such content through social media websites requires cookie storage set by the website editor responsible for such content. These cookies are neither edited nor updated by SSCS, which declines all responsibility for their storage or use. These cookies are capable of building up a User browsing history of other websites to create a profile of their interests. These cookies can therefore influence the content of other visited websites. If the User does not authorize these cookies, they may not view the media content nor share it through social media.

Category 5: Third-party cookies, for advertisements

These cookies are used to specifically advertise to you and your personal interests. They also serve to limit the number of times you see an ad, and can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. These cookies track your website visits and share this information with other companies.

(4) How long are cookies saved for?

Cookies are stored on the User’s device for twelve (12) months, starting from the date on which the browser received the cookies. Cookie expiration is not prolonged during new visits to the Website.

(5) How can the User reject cookies, and what are the consequences?

The User is entirely at liberty to accept or reject cookie storage on their device. However, rejecting cookies may restrict access to certain services within the Website, such as viewing media content. The User can reject cookie installation on their device by selecting the appropriate settings in their web browser. In this regard, SSCB recommends following the instructions provided for the specific web browser, available under the “Help” menu.

(6) How can the User get rid of cookies saved on their device?

The User may delete cookies stored on their device at any time. In order to do so, they can use the functions specific to their web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.), or configure their browser to reject cookie installation. The means to proceed should be indicated in the browser’s “Help” menu. For any issues, the company in charge of the web browser should be contacted.

PROVISION 8: “Spamming”

SSCS does not engage in spamming defined as the sending of a large number of unwanted promotional e-mails in a repeated manner to people with whom the sender has not had any previous contact, or who have stated that they do not wish to receive such communications.

On the other hand, SSCB informs the User via e-mail if products and services may be of interest to them, leaving them the possibility to opt out of receiving this information.


The User may raise any questions about the treatment of their Personal Data by using one of the following methods:

  • filling out the “Contact” form on the Website;
  • writing to the following e-mail address:; or
  • writing to the following address: SSCB Swiss Stem Cells Biotech AG, Dreikönigstrasse 31A, 8002 Zürich, or Swiss Stem Cell Science SA, Rue Georges-Jordil 4, 1700 Fribourg.